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Lochness Chuck LbNA #34986

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Sep 8, 2007
Found by: Stanleyfamily
Last found: Feb 6, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 8, 2007
Lockness Chuck:

Susanville locals have many different legends and forklore. For one, they said never be in the middle of Eagle Lake at midnight. For another, there is a "lochness" monster that many people have claimed to have seen. According to one local's account it has the head of horse and a body of a snake. So, in light of this local's account, I have dubbed this stamp LOCHNESS CHUCK.

To find Chuck,
From Susanville, head north on HWY 139. HWY 139 will take you along the East shore of Eagle Lake. Turn right on the paved road, just before the "5 mile" sign. At the house fit for a mouse, turn right. Drive through the two trees and park near the big rock. Walk towards the trio of trees to your right. Walk past the trees, towards the big round rock, beyond the these trees. Round this rock and walk towards the rather level and flat big rock. Once standing in front of this level and flat big rock, look to your right. There about 90 degrees is a tree. Walk about 2.5 feet towards this tree and you will see a rather small flat rock that looks like you can sit on it. Have a seat. You can see Eagle Lake and maybe spy the real Lochness. Eitherway, reach under and there is what you seek. PLEASE COVER AS BEST AS YOU CAN.