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Mush! LbNA #34984

Owner:Tdyans Contact
Plant date:Aug 31, 2007
Found by: dakewlone
Last found: Sep 2, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 31, 2007
This letterbox was planted for me by my mom, California Quail Lady, on the Alaskan island of Chichagof, at Icy Strait Point, near the native village of Hoonah.

To find the letterbox, go through the Icy Strait Museum, exiting the door on the boardwalk and walking toward the Cookhouse Restaurant. Follow the boardwalk path along the ocean front past the small graveyard and three white houses that face the ocean. Continue along the path and you will find the ceremonial fire where you add the cedar chip that was given to you for good luck. Pass the area with the fire and you will find the end of the one-mile zip-line adventure. Turn right between the zip-line and the zip-line ticket booth, and pass the zip-line lookout where you can watch people speed down the mountain in their harnesses. Bear left to walk behind the outdoor seating area for the Landing Zone Restaurant, pass the tall pillars threaded with chain at the back of the restaurant and look to the right across the path for a 7-foot-tall tree stump. A bit behind and to the left of the 7-foot stump there is a 4-foot stump with a two-trunked tree immediately behind it. Walk around the tree clockwise to the back side and find a flat rock covering a crevice in the tree roots. This is where you will find the box.

Make sure to take the time to finish the beach path walk and the rain forest walk-- there is some beautiful flora in the temporal rain forest found on the island.