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Charlie Pace LbNA #34667

Owner:Tdyans Contact
Plant date:Aug 25, 2007
Found by: jones5
Last found: Mar 30, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 25, 2007
From the seventh station, head back the way you came, but when you return to the “main” trail, turn right instead of left and head toward the tree with two benches under it. Pass the tree, staying to its right. You’ll see a sign for another trail—apparently named after the geocacher’s annoying cousin—but stay your course on this one. Watch out for the yellow poles on the left side of the trail—they always come in pairs. After you pass the fourth pair, walk just a little further, you’ll reach a new trail branching off to the right with a sign that says “creek”. Go down this trail, walk across the bridge and you’ll come to a bench—a lovely place to sit and rest and enjoy the sound of the water trickling by. Just ahead, you’ll see a sign with a picture of a raccoon on it. Go to this sign and stand with your back to it. Now you should be facing several eucalyptus trunks. Look at the base of the largest trunk, underneath the leaves and bark….

Here Lies Charlie Heironymus Pace
Member of Drive Shaft
Survivor of Oceanic Flight 815
Brother to Liam
“Father” to Aaron