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Vineyard Disc-O LbNA #34404

Owner:MickeyMouse Contact
Plant date:Aug 23, 2007
Found by: Wii Wanderers
Last found: May 17, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 23, 2007
Go to the Martha’s Vineyard Riverhead Disc Golf Course, located within the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, on the west side of Barnes Road.

**But do NOT try to find this box on Saturday or Sunday mornings, as the course is very busy with many disc golf players and tournaments during those times!

Park in the lot, and go to the wood kiosk. Consult the Map Board, and proceed to Tee #1, directly to the left of the kiosk.

Begin at White Tee #1, and follow the course 214 feet to the first goal/”hole”.

Continue to follow the white arrow, to the White Tee #2. Walk 289 feet to goal #2.

Now look to your left, for the Blue Arrow pointing the way to Blue Tee #3. Standing between the two “blue 3" markers, look for a two-trunked tree at 130 degrees. Go 15 steps to that tree. Look under a pile of branches and leaves at the base of that tree, to find your prize frisbee.

If you brought your frisbee along, feel free to continue and play the rest of the course!