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Gandalf LbNA #34292

Owner:Silver Eagle Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 13, 2007
County:Alberta, CAN
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found: Aug 24, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 3, 2017
*** Part of my Literature Series ***
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (slight slope, 2km RT)
Recommended Ink: gray, brown & pink
Status: alive

The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, are some of the most beloved fantasy books ever written, and Gandalf is important in all of them. Through his magic and wisdom, he first helps Bilbo and then Frodo in their quests and is instrumental in their success. You can find this box dedicated to the great wizard in Maligne Canyon, where the scenery is something right out of Middle Earth.

From Jasper, take Highway 16 east to Maligne Lake Road and turn right. Then turn left into Maligne Canyon parking lot. Maligne Canyon is 11 km from Jasper.

Walk along the canyon trail down-river to bridge #3. Cross the bridge and follow the fence on the right until it ends. Continue another 4 steps, then turn right and go 7 steps uphill on a dirt path. Turn right and go 10 steps uphill on another dirt path. Turn left and walk about 10 steps to the far left end of a large rock outcrop. Bend down about waist level and look under an evergreen bush. The camo letterbox is under the outcrop behind some stones. Please rehide as described.