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Russian Gulch Bridge LbNA #33580

Owner:H2ODavid Contact
Plant date:Jul 29, 2007
City:Fort Bragg
Found by: Desert Flower
Last found: Jul 8, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 29, 2007
Box – Easy
Time – 5 min, if that
Keep dogs leashed, and watch out for poison oak in the summer.
Do take the time to see the sights here.

When you drive south on hwy 1 from Fort Bragg enter Russian Gulch State Park on the right. Follow signs to enter state park. After passing the ranger kiosk go straight (follow signs for picnic area) to the furthest parking lot. This is the headlands which has trails to see the Devils Punch Bowl and the Blowhole. After parking, look for the bulletin board on the northern side of the parking lot. Take the trail from the parking lot that is to the left of the bulletin board. Go down the few wood steps and through the fence. Immediately to your right you will see a really old, tree that splits into lots of trunks. Here is where you will find the letterbox. Look to the right side near the back. The box is on the ground covered with some sticks and lots of pine needles.

After finding this box, enjoy the park a little. Go out and see the sights. If you want to see the bridge you have to go down to the camping area.

Please drop me an email when you find it.