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Dancing with the Pygmies LbNA #33508

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Jul 28, 2007
Found by: Nature Hikers
Last found: May 5, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 28, 2007
Dancing with the pygmies is easy if only you know where to look.

To find the pygmies drive south on Hwy 1 past Mendocino, past Van Damme State Park. Shortly you will make a left onto Little River Airport Road. Drive 3 1/2 miles until you see the sign indicating pygmies on your left. Park in the small lot. It is always open, but I suggest your quest take place in the daylight when it is easier to spot the pygmies. At the end of the parking area is the start of a small self-guided trail. The trail is raised on a wooden walkway above the forest floor so it will be cinchy to spot the pygmies. Take the trail and count the number of signs on the trail and count the built-in benches. Do not count the bench which is not built-in. When you return from your stroll amongst the pygmies walk to the end of the parking area closest to Little River Airport Road. You will note the parking area is semi-enclosed by short, square wooden posts about 1 1/2 feet high. The pygmies dance on these posts at the new moon. Anyway, position yourself there at the 90 degree angle where the two lines of posts meet. Now add the number of signs you counted and the number of built-in benches. Double that number, then subtract 2. That represents the number of posts you will count in a straight line in the direction of the self-guided trail. When you reach that post walk about 8 steps at approximately 20 degrees to a large tree. On the NE side of that trunk, at its base, you’ll find the letterbox under branches and pine needles.

Let the dance begin.

Thanks for coming!