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30 Candles LbNA #33459

Owner:Hoo-Haa Tiki Tribe Contact
Plant date:Jul 28, 2007
Found by: Mariner Fan
Last found: Sep 23, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 28, 2007
Wenberg State Park on Lake Goodwin

The "30 Candles" letterbox is dedicated to my friend Jil who is camping in the campground for her 30th birthday (hence the name of the letterbox).

We learned about letterboxing not too long ago and fell in love with it. When I learned Wenberg State Park did not house any letterboxes, I thought it would be a perfect to place my FIRST letterbox!


Pull into the picnic area parking lot and drive all the way to the end and park

Go to the Park Information Sign (where the donation box is)

Follow down the paved sidewalk to the left of the sign down toward the beach

When you reach the concession stand / restrooms, turn right and follow in front of that building, keeping the railing to your left.

Follow that sidewalk / trail until you reach a GROUP of picnic tables.

There is a trail behind these tables which lead up to a lonely table.

Take this trail and when you get to the lonely table vere to your left.

Follow this short trail over a cement slab to where you reach then end (you will see a fence directly in front of you with a sign on it indicating you have reached the park boundary.

Here you will take a Left toward the water.

You won't go very far before you see a tall cedar tree with a bunch of ferns in front of it on your left hand side.

between the ferns and the tree are two logs laying on the ground.

Follow these logs to where they meet.

There will be a couple of rocks holding a wall of dried/dead timber which houses the letterbox!