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2nd annual Midnight son gathering Boxes LbNA #32942

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Jun 23, 2007
Found by: Eidolon (4)
Last found: Jun 24, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 23, 2007
2nd annual Midnight Sun Gathering boxes

These were planted today and if we go from the Chalet we may have to go backwards from the clues. So here they are.

Sock hop
This box is missing, but you need these clues to find the rest of the boxes, so I am not deleting the clues.

From the Glen Hwy travel south on Boniface. Pass Debarr and turn right into a small parking lot. Park, pass between boulders onto paved path. Turn right by the stop sign. Go 18 steps to a power pole. Turn left and walk up to a tree with a burl on the side of it. Go to the back side, at the base of 2 thin trees and the burl tree, under leaves.

Kiss on the Hill
Now turn back toward the stop sign and turn right on the paved path. Pass by Be Aware sign. Walk until you get to a dirt path. Turn right. Stand on cement with back to U. Cross trail to garbage can. Straight ahead is a multi trunked tree. Right in the middle of the trunks under leaves and sticks.

It’s a Mystery
This box was planted in Spokane in a café that looked like the stamp. It has made it’s way up here. Return to the trashcan from where you put the box back. Turn left onto dirt path. At the Y stay right. Stay on established trail. When you get to the bigger path turn left. Head uphill. When you reach the top you will see a bathroom at the bottom on one side and cement border on the other side. Continue on the dirt path down hill to the right of the cement border. Run down, careful you could loose control. At the 4 way intersection, look ahead and slightly to the right, see a small broken limb sticking up. At the edge of the trail take 2 steps toward the broken tree. You will hit a log. On the left side of the log under leaves.

Anchorage Sled Dog
Now step back out, don't head back the way you came, but go up a big hill to the left. Continue up don't get diverted. At the top there is a Y. Go to the left. Between two banded birch trees watch to your right for a small arch branch on the ground (it's more like an arch root). Behind this is a V birch. Behind under leaves.

Washington Rhodedendren
Continue on the trail toward a whitened? log to the left of the trail. Before you get to the log there is a 4 way. Turn left and head down hill. Pass by a small grove of deadwood (killed by beetles). Pass by small (but bigger than a loaf of bread) rock on left. Before you reach the paved path, on your left is a fallen tree. Go to it. In the base under moss.

Downtown Anchorage
Now go to the paved path and turn right. At the Y stay right. Stay paved. You are now on the lighted loop trail. Follow this until you cross a bridge. Turn right. Stop at the sign that on one side warns of golfers present and the other side is a yellow Y. Cross the paved path and go down a dirt trail. Pass a BIG birch and continue to a big pine. Across from the pine is a chopped off tree. At the base of this is twigs and leaves.