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Maple Friends LbNA #32915

Plant date:Jul 12, 2007
City:White Rock
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:pumping up fun
Found by: Mariner Fan
Last found:Sep 16, 2007
Last edited:Jul 12, 2007
This box is located at the Stewart Historical Farm on Crescent Road in South Surrey.

Take the 1st exit for White Rock when you are traveling south on Hw.99.

Turn right onto Crescent Road and you will see the Stewart Historical Farm on your right after a 5 min. drive.

Start at the Stewart Hall.
Walk across the parking lot and go through the double gate.
Head over to the water pump. Give the pump a try (it works!!).
Hook around behind the grey building.
Look in the middle of the four maple friends.
This is where your search ends.

Help us out by putting it back the way you found it. Thanks.
Be discrete don't let anyone sneak a peek.