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Rivercity: Over the River LbNA #32849

Plant date:Jul 10, 2007
County:Alberta, CAN
Planted by:Lilac
Found by: Sly Dogs
Last found:Aug 23, 2012
Last edited:Jul 10, 2007

The route to this letterbox starts from the place high above North Saskatchewan River Valley, from which you can easily see both the modern Light Rail Train and the antique Street Car, sometimes at the same time.
If you are in the right place, you will find yourself in the small open park with a gazebo and a memorial to a fallen policeman.

Additional clue:
The name of the policeman in binary code is
101 11010 1001 1111
110 1 10010 1 1111 1110 101

Near the gazebo there is a long wooden staircase. Go down it. Carefully cross the road. You will see before you a non-paved parking lot. Go around it on the right. Cross the second road (don't forget to press a blinking crossing signal).
You are now at the waterfront. Turn left and go to the blue foot bridge.
Cross the River, taking in the view.
When you are close to the last cement arch of the bridge, just before it, find the last of the double tall blue metal columns. Between those two, you'll find the metal letterbox attached, right behind the square support base. Please replace carefully as found.