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Gold Cord Lake Letterbox LbNA #32599

Owner:Midnight Sun Contact
Plant date:Jun 23, 2007
City:Palmer (Hatcher Pass)
Found by: WADECAT
Last found:Aug 9, 2007
Last edited:Jun 23, 2007
There is gold in them there hills!!!!!
And a family friendly letterbox too!

Drive to Independence Mine in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Enjoy the beautiful drive! You will need to pay a user fee to enter into the Independence Mine State Historical Site. We highly recommend taking some time to explore and learn about the history of under ground gold mining in this part of Alaska! Consider taking a guided tour.

At the end of the Gold Cord Road, (to the left of the Independence Mine)you will see the trail marked, "Gold Cord Lake Trail". This is where you begin! We recommend good hiking shoes, water bottles, and rain gear.

Begin hiking the trail until you see a gigantic rock on your left. Stop here and take a picture of the family! :)

Continue hiking up the trail. When you reach the top of the first hill, you will have a choice to make. You can keep going up to the lake, or go left to an abandoned sod insulated house. Take a left!

Hike to the house, and explore ~ nobody's home! In front of the house, you'll find that some of the roof isn't where it should be! Look under this, near a rock to find what you are looking for.

We loved hiking the rest of the trail to the lake, and did so in a light rain with 13 kids, ages 1 to 13. But it is steep and rocky!

Enjoy your hike, and Good Luck to all you treasure hunters! (From gold, to boxes!) This is one of our favorite stops to make, and we are guessing it will be one of yours!