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Salmon Enchanted Evening LbNA #32475

Owner:Red-Hat Box'r Contact
Plant date:Jun 27, 2007
City:Homer & Seward
County:Kenai Peninsula
Found by: knottyknitter&dirtmonkey
Last found:Jul 13, 2013
Last edited:Jun 27, 2007
Salmon commonly have a life cycle of about 2-6 years beginning and ending in their natal stream with a few years in the ocean. One can assume they would qualify for their RedHats as they begin their journey up stream – for what RedHatBox’r would ever go with the flow. Needless to say Samantha, Sammy to the girls, and Sally are in their prime and are ready to leap forth in their red and purple garb. Only they have gotten lost and seem to be floundering like fish out of water. If only Homer, their boy toy, hadn’t rushed on ahead. His youthful but well developed physic will make him a prime catch --- by some --- gasp – fisherman if you don’t get to him first. It is up to you to reunite this threesome so they don’t end up in muggle stew.

Sammy was in the area of Homer (the town not the boy toy), but just for the halibut, she went ashore at Kachemak Bay. How you wonder could she have landed so far inland? The info board at the end of the superdeck explains how tides as much as 28 vertical feet can occur every 6 hours!! And when you can jump like a salmon, it is no wonder she ended up in the woods just off the trail leading up hill where the superdeck and the metal grating meet. Just before the sewer top, head left into the pines to the small open green area. The large pine to the right has pine needles/cones covering a flat rock holding down the camo taped container. Please be discreet as visitors may be strolling the walkway to Bishop’s Beach.

As for Homer (the boy toy not the town), it is no wonder the gals can’t find him. He jumped so high he landed in the bed of a pickup truck that headed up up up up Skyline Drive East. This would surely be the end of him, just as it was almost the end of the road, but then an eagle flew o’er and snatched him up up up. He wiggled and twisted and finally threatened that his RedHatBox’r gals would pluck that ol’ bird’s tail feathers for their RedHats if he wasn’t released immediately. Well, that was a moment of poor timing. For the eagle shuddered and opened claws – down down down down Homer landed. Luckily the bog ground softened the impact. Then he heard the chatter of humans! There were two of them leaving the North Fireweed trail and coming down the Bog Trail heading for the viewing platform. They stopped at the steps and looked 210 degrees towards a pine tree. Under the branches on the West side they left a camo taped box. When they turned to head back, he flip flopped his way over and managed to open the lock-n-lock with his mighty tail. He slipped inside, hoping they would return and carry him back to Kachemak Bay – but that would not happen and he still waits to be reunited with Sammy and Sally.

Sally – what became of her? She always was lazy and when she caught sight of a Princess cruise ship, she leapt into the life boat in hopes of catching a ride up stream. Instead the ship went round to Seward and docked there! The town wasn’t very big and there were lots of streams that Route 9 crossed. But without a car, or feet to operate the pedals, Sally caught the train. As it chugged its way North along the tracks quite very near Route 9, she saw the sign “SALMON CREEK”. Home!? Surely that must be home. She jumped off the train and landed on the East side of Route 9 at the end of the bridge abutment. The rocks and a camo taped box offered shelter until someone would surely come and release her (image). Maybe one day she would be reunited with Sammy and Homer on an enchanted evening when the moon is full again.

Please be wary of curious eyes, rumbling trains and the occasional moose crossing when seeking these boxes.

Oops, I think when I put the e-ddress in the logbooks I added an "s" to RedHatBoxr. If you would, please croxx through that "s".