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Modern Gold LbNA #32244

Owner:Foothill Forester Contact
Plant date:Jun 16, 2007
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Jul 20, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 16, 2007
Degree of Difficulty – Easy.
Estimated Time – about 1 minute from the dirt road.
Terrain – Moderate Steepness
Notes - During the summer a portion of the road is dusty... Don't forget your swimsuit!

CLUES: From I-80 East exit at Weimar Cross Roads. After getting off of the freeway take a right onto Ponderosa Way. Stay on Ponderosa Way for nearly 5 miles until you reach the North Fork of the American River (3 of these miles will be on a dirt road). Once you have reached the bridge find some parking... then find the southeast corner of the bridge. From this corner walk south along the trail about 41 paces (82 steps) until you just pass a small Buckeye Tree on the right. Look right and off the path 6-8 feet you will see 2 large rocks. In between the two large rocks you will find a smaller pile of rocks topped with a white quartz rock. There you will find "Modern Gold".

Once making the find enjoy the river. Bring a gold pan and you might get lucky. Also, there are rocks to jump off of, usually a rope swing and often you will find people making the jump off of the bridge.

Note: "Leaves of three... Let it be". Just a short saying referring to poison oak. There is not any close to the box but... just a reminder. Careful there is a lot of it in the area.