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The East Fork of the Carson LbNA #3175

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Jun 12, 2002
Found by: SONchasers
Last found: Jul 16, 2005
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 5, 2015

E. Fork of the Carson River, near Markleeviille, Ca. (Alpine County)

Note: Since this box is located far from my home please let me know the status of the site if you are in the area. The box may need some heavy TLC. Thanks!

20 year Anniversary box. There are several ways to reach the letterbox: 4 wheel drive, hike or a white water raft/kayak trip.

The East Fork of the Carson is a great spring time white water trip for beginners and family groups. The run starts near Hangman's Bridge in Markleeville, Ca and ends up 19 miles later near Gardnerville, Nevada. The river has a fairly steep gradient even though its rapids are rated Class II and can be boated in one day. We had several lay over days early on as the upper section has beautiful alpine vistas. Catch and release fishing affords many opportunities for anglers. There is a large camping area starting at mile 7.8 on river right and at mile 7.9 on river right there is a porta potty, picnic bench and some signage that indicates that the area has been adopted by the Fiddle Footed 4 wheelers from Santa Clara who drive in on the 4 wheel dirt road through Cottonwood Canyon. There are several hot springs on river right and left, just down river from this popular camping area and more about 1/4 mile on river left past the Class III rapid called Sidewinder. The run is spring time, May-June and into early July on wet years but the water is cold.and with the start of the run at 5200 feet air temps during the night can get to down to freezing. Bring warm clothes.

To find the E. Carson Letter Box which lies within sight of the river right hot springs just past Cottonwood Creek start at mile 7.9 just down river from the picnic table/portapotty camping area, then a short walk around the bend to a smaller camping area where you will see a Class II rapid, Cross Cottonwood Creek and from there it will be about 70 paces to a pine tree on the right side of the trail. The pine forks about half way up. The letter box is located at the base of the forked pine (on the side closest to the river) tucked under the roots of the tree and hidden by movable rocks. If you pass by the natural hot springs stop and return up river 36 paces to the forked pine tree on the up hill side of the trail.

To hike in check Topo maps of the area. Call Carson River Resort or The Chamber of Commerce in Markleeville for specifics on the 4X4 road. Other attractions in the area are Grover Hot Springs.