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VB Book Worm Replanted!!! LbNA #31642

Plant date:Jun 6, 2007
County:Virginia Beach city
Planted by:BeachGal Contact
Found by: AustiKnights
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 6, 2007
This box has been stamp, new logbook, NEW CLUES!!! Don't follow the old clues, please. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE re-hide WELL! My first one lasted a year, but was destroyed by the landscaping crew.

My boys and I LOVE books. We spend a lot of time at this library (they have a GREAT kids section!) My love of books came from my mom, who would read very large books all the time, and read to me. I do the same! You will usually find me with my face stuck in a book. I figured this would be the perfect place to take my other hobby!

Princess Anne Library is one of the newest libraries at the Beach. (I believe that the newest is the rebuilt Oceanfront library) It even has a drive up window!

Find the library on Nimmo Parkway. Turn into the parking lot and park in the last spot of the back row, fartheset from the library and nearest to the fire station. In the bushes, at the intersection of the back curb of the parking spot and the bushes, reach under the holly bushes and little Bookworm. You shouldn't have to reach in far. He is nestled snuggly inside a camo taped box. You can stamp in in your car, then enjoy the library! They have a 'To Kill a Mockingbird' themed Letterbox right now!! Please re-hide carefully...we don't want the bush trimmers to find it! Also, beware of muggles.

After you log in, make sure to take a trip into the library. You won't regret it!

Congrats to SLJK First Finder!!