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Heron and Tinman LbNA #3149

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jun 6, 2001
Location: Los Cerritos Channel
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:PenGwen Contact Inactive
Found by: Lee & Nancy
Last found:Mar 17, 2013
Last edited:Jun 6, 2001
PenGwen asked me to adopt all of her LA and OC boxes.
Alive and well as of 3/17/13



Los Cerritos Channel is the upper end of Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, California in Los Angeles County. Container was placed on June 6, 2001 by Gwen. This site is ONLY accessible by kayak, canoe or row boat; nothing motorized. This is a wetlands area and is very shallow, even at high tide. There are so many birds in this quiet area of the city. You might even see a coyote. Kayaks can be rented near corner of Bayshore and Ocean Ave.near Leeway Sailing Center and Woody's eatery. Maps are supplied with the boats so a visitor to the area can find their way to the wetlands. From the kayak center the paddle is about a mile +. A closer put in for a personal kayak or canoe is the upper end of Marine Stadium at the Appian Way Bridge where Bayshore ends. Park for free on Appian Way near the bridge and haul your boat through the little walk through gate to the sandy area at the bridge near a launch ramp. The adjacent Marine Stadium has a pay boat ramp and water ski area. Bring a towel or rag to wipe your hands on before you stamp up and please be careful about keeping water out of the container. Just put all your stamp stuff in a big baggie to keep it dry on your paddle to the wetlands. Best time of the day to do this paddle is high tide. Let me know what you thought of the hunt!

1. Launch your boat and paddle past Marine Stadium entrance, then past the rowing center and Marine rescue station on the left. Marina Pacifica homes, shops and the Acapulco Restaurant will be on the right.Hmmm, right past "I'm a Heron Two" and "Marina Pacifica Plumbing Problem".

2. Paddle under 101 bridge passing Bahia Yacht basin on the left and the domino arranged cement slabs on the right side of the channel.

3. Stay to right (starboard) side of channel and an entrance will appear with a litter boom across the opening. Bigger kayaks and row boats can slide over the boom, but smaller boats will need to find the opening.

4. This area is the Los Cerritos Wetlands and is a bird sanctuary. Please keep your voices low.

5. August 13,2003 the letterbox(a black cylinder) was moved to it's new home. At the entrance find the end of the chain link fence on the shore to the left of the entrance. The letterbox is located under some movable rocks two paces east of the end fence pole near top of the levee.This will be on the channel side not on the wetlands side.

Note: 1/2005 Someone has removed the Tinman. The Tinman was located on the left hand side of the entrance to the sanctuary. We haven't checked on the letterbox, but we believe it to be in place.

6. We believe that there would be a possible access via land, but it would require being dropped off along Studebaker rd.across from the power plant north of Second st.(there is no parking on Studebaker in this stretch).Squeezing through a locked gate would be necessary and we certainly are not encouraging you to do that.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

Please contact placer directly or through the LBNA chat list regarding status rather than unofficial data bases. Up to date status can only be ascertained from placer as other information services will not have current data. Listing information about this letterbox on unauthorized information services is not appreciated by the placer.

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