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Wild Bill Springs LbNA #31100

Owner:Viejo Contact
Plant date:May 22, 2007
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found: May 25, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 22, 2007
This letterbox was originally placed by Viejo, but he is unable to maintain so I have taken it over.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has a program for developing water resources to support wildlife. Wild Bill Springs is an example.

Take highway 87 to Whispering Pines Road just south of the hamlet of Pine. Stay on Whispering Pines to the stop sign and turn right on Manzanita Trail. The trail head is at the dead end of Manzanita Trail. The spring is about 1/4 mile away and the the trail (Good Enough Trail)is gentle and an easy walk through a quiet forest. Stay on the trail until you come to the water basin. Be alert to wildlife. There may be interesting tracks in the moist earth near the water basin. Refrain from activities near the basin that would leave a strong human scent. The letterbox is far enough away that its presence should not disturb the users of the spring.

The letterbox is in an ammo can that also serves as a geocache so there are exchange items in it for geocachers and a log for them to sign, as well. The geocache waypoint is GC133FT. N 34° 23.748 W 111° 26.240

From the water basin the letterbox is on a heading of about 335-340 degrees and about 65 feet away. There is a faint game trail going in the general direction around the end of a fallen tree. About 35-40 steps from the water basin along that trail, there is a line of treelimbs/small tree trunks laying on the ground leading to a prominent boulder. The letterbox is behind the boulder.

Please practice "leave no trace".