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Bear Creek Playground LbNA #31093 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Sep 28, 2006
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:kamotion
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Sep 28, 2006
Instead of hiking, a wading you will GO
Up the creek as far as you KNOW

Just when you think you’ve gone as far as you can GET
There’s still more---We hope you don’t mind getting WET!

To a God-made waterslide up beside the FALL
This is so much fun, we think you’ll have a BALL

Take your own sweet time and search round and ROUND
It’s hidden somewhere safe-somewhere on the GROUND

Be careful where you open it, this place is very DAMP
If you aren’t cautious, you won’t get to STAMP

40 Parking Lot elev. 357m N 49 55.664 W 119 30.760

41 Head of Trail elev. 356m N 49 55.686 W 119 30.754

42 Stairway Junction elev. 387m N 49 55.688 W 119 30.335

43 4-way Trail elev. 373m N 49 55.658 W 119 30.854

44 Jump into Creek elev. 345m N 49 55.686 W 119 30.863

45 Head of canyon elev 344m N 49 55.705 W 119 30.966

46 search around for the letterbox…

PS: because the canyon is so steep, accurate waypoints are difficult to get, so do your best to follow the clues...they are the most accurate way to find it.
Have fun!