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Bunny Boy's Birthday Boxes LbNA #30775

Owner:Mumma & Bunny Boy Contact
Plant date:May 9, 2007
Found by: Hedgehogs
Last found: Aug 10, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 9, 2007
The two boxes in this series were completely created (stamps carved, logbooks made, boxes included) by Archimedes’ Screw and Cape Cod Lightning Bug and given as gifts to Bunny Boy for his 4th birthday (as well as a copy of each book). I wish to thank these two amazingly generous and thoughtful people for such a wonderful gift. Bunny Boy was so excited to have his very own boxes to plant (and he loves the books too)!

Directions to the trail:

From Off-Cape:
Take Route 6 (East) to Exit 8. Turn Right onto Station Ave.

From Ptown:
Take Route 6 (West) to Exit 8. Turn Left onto Station Ave.

Once on Station Ave (from the exit ramps), turn Left at the first set of lights onto White's Path. Follow White's Path to the end (stop sign there). Take a Left onto North Main Street (which immediately turns into North Dennis Road). Take the third road on the Left - Great Western Road. Follow Great Western Road to the second road on the Right - Joel Road - it is marked with a street sign. Follow Joel Road all the way to the end & park at the basketball hoop. Please remember to be respectful of the neighbors & drive slowly.

**NOTE: The Firefly box is missing*****

Directions to the boxes:

From the basketball hoop, find the way around the rocks. Follow this trail to the first choice. Choose the Left trail and walk about 70 Bunny Boy steps (He’s 4 years old) to the small trail on the Left. Pass this trail and continue on down, up, and downhill again until you reach the “T”. Turn Right onto the Main Trail and follow until you see the burned trees on either side of the trail. From these trees, take 86 Bunny Boy steps to a trail on the Left. Follow the Left trail a very short way until you see a faint trail that forks to the Right. Follow the Right fork uphill until you are behind the largest rock. From there, continue about 20 more Bunny Boy steps to the next rock on the Right. Look behind it under a small rock & a log for “The Very Quiet Cricket”.

Go back to the Main Trail and go Left. Follow along the Main Trail passing a trail on the Right and another on the Left. When you reach the next trail on the Left, take it & walk 40 Bunny Boy steps to the end. Take a Left and follow this trail as it winds through rocks and trees. Once it levels out, keep going watching for a large split rock on the Left. ***THIS BOX IS MISSING****

To get back out, go back to the Main Trail and go Left, following along until the Main Trail takes a sharp Left. There is another trail that forks Right. Take the Right fork and follow along past the sandpit with the huge greenhouse on the Left to the next choice. Go Left again and this will bring you back to the trailhead.

The Oso Pardo series is planted along this same trail.