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A Buckin' Bronco LbNA #30518

Owner:Foothill Forester Contact
Plant date:Apr 29, 2007
Found by: TurtleTeamATX
Last found: Jul 3, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 3, 2015
Degree of Difficulty – very easy.
Estimated Time – 10 minutes
Accessibility – accessible to all.

CLUES: Saddle up your horses and head to Reno. While traveling on Interstate 80 East or West Exit at Wells Ave (Exit #14) and travel North one block. Find a good place to tie up your horse and move on to gate #1 of The Reno Livestock Events Center. From gate #1 travel West crossing North Wells Avenue. Find the circular man Hole cover labeled "Storm Drain" then face North. Cross Sadleir Way. Travel West along the sidewalk of Sandleir Way until you come to the second powerpole. From this powerpole Giddy up approximately 18 paces (36 steps) and turn North. Look for the first decidouos tree (12" DBH). The letterbox is waiting to be lassoed at the base of the tree in the juniper bushes.

Make sure to be very discreet and keep your boot spurs silent as there may be an open window about 12 feet from the box and a lot of traffic.