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First aid neededDump Picker LbNA #30245

Owner:ArchimedesScrew Contact
Plant date:Apr 21, 2007
Found by: IAmTheLibrarian
Last found: Apr 14, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 21, 2007
There are a number of places to see these birds, but they seem to just adore the town dump. You’d think they’d have lots more picturesque places on the Cape to scavenge.

To find the Dump Picker, you’ll be walking through the site of the former Yarmouth landfill. Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The landfill has been turned into a golf course with a bike path on the edge.

To get to the bike path:
Take Route 6 to Exit 8. Head towards South Yarmouth (Station Avenue) and go straight through the first set of lights. Take a right onto Old Townhouse Road at the second lights (by the Sunoco Station.) Follow to the end and go straight into Bayberry Hills Golf Course at the four-way stop. Turn into the first parking lot on the left and park.

To find the Dump Picker:
Cross the road you just drove in on and follow the bike path back to the four-way. Carefully cross (this is West Yarmouth Road) and continue along the paved bike path. You will come to a bench guarding 3 rocks. This is not the bench you are looking for. Keep going. At Mark’s bench (the second one if they ever cover up the distinct graffiti) start counting. 60 steps will bring you to a crack in the sidewalk. Look to your left. See the double oak about 12 feet in? The Dump Picker is mourning the loss of its landfill behind it.