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Calico Basin Incline LbNA #30223

Owner:compasskids Contact
Plant date:Apr 7, 2007
City:Las Vegas
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Dec 10, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 7, 2007
This hiking area is right before Red Rock National Park. Take I-215 West. Exit Charleston West and turn right on Calico Basin road. Drive a little more than a mile to the parking lot/picnic area on the left.
At the Calico Basin parking lot, looking at the boardwalk, find the latrines on the left. There is also a path on the left that follows along side the boardwalk. Take this path past three trail markers which remind you to stay on the trail. Then you will come to a very steep incline. Hike all the way up to the top of this incline (there is a slight fork at near the top..both these trails take you to the same place).
After resting at the rock pile just to your right at the top of this incline, search for a huge rock (about 12 feet tall) that has sides that are very dark brown in the middle of the rock valley at a bearing of 215 degrees. It is about 115 steps away. Our kids refer to it as the Roast Beef Rock.
At the North corner of the Roast Beef Rock at a bearing of 250 degrees you'll find a large flat rock with rusty colored dots all over it and a bush on its far side. This rock slightly slants down and it about 9 paces away as you climb over small rock to get there. (If you run into the wall of rocks with an overhang you've gone too far.)
The letterbox is hidden under the lip of the northwest corner of the large flat rock, with the rusty colored dots that slightly slants down, with lots of smaller rocks to conceal it. Please rehide well. Good luck.