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Ladybug Peak LbNA #29915 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Mar 14, 2007
Planted by:Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog
Found by: Azroadie
Last found:Aug 5, 2007
Last edited:Mar 14, 2007
While on a spring break trip with my parents (AMK) touring southeastern Arizona we discovered Lady Bug Peak and knew this was the home for our next letterbox placement.

On State Road 266 between Bonita and Highway 191, find mile marker 111. To the west of this mile marker there will be a small roadside pullout on the north side of the 266. Toward the north side of the pullout there will be a 4 foot tall Yucca. When standing on the south side of the Yucca find 340* which lines up a dead bush and Ladybug peak. Walk about 15 steps over the outcropping of rocks from the Yucca to the dead bush, under which is the “Ladybug.”

To easily exit the pullout area, drive to the crest of this hill and turn around, as the east end of the pullout drops quickly.

I’ll not be able to check on this box often, please let me know if it needs attention at