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Cedar Tank LbNA #29347

Owner:AZJokester Contact
Plant date:Mar 19, 2007
Found by: PunkSoulBrother
Last found: Sep 7, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 19, 2007

This letterbox is mostly a drive, with a 4/10 mi. hike, quad ride or horseback ride.

Turn off Hwy 69 at the Circle K onto Central Ave. Proceed to the first stop sign which will be adjacent o the Post Office. Turn Left, make another left on Main St. which will be the first intersection you come to. Then turn right on First St. At the end of the block will be Fair Mist. Once on Fair Mist you will see a sign that says "Prescott National Forrest". Upon following the sign you will be on Jefferson St. You will eventually leave the nice blacktop road which will become a dirt road. Continue on this road.

Eventually you will pass over three cattle guards, along the way you will go through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Just before the third cattle guard you will see a wide spot on the side of the road. This is a good place to park your vehicle unless you are riding a quad or horse.

Proceed past the third cattle guard taking the immediate left turn just off the road. Follow this road until it forks. Take the left fork. Count six humps in the road as you go. At the sixth hump is a cedar tree. Look on the west side of the tree above the broken branch just above your head. The box is nestled in the tree.

Happy Hunting!