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MSS Land Mammal - White tailed deer LbNA #29298

Owner:jb kokopelli Contact
Plant date:Mar 12, 2007
Found by: Wag Time
Last found: Mar 12, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 12, 2007
My best friend who passed away last October was from Brooklyn, New York. So when I saw this location I just decided I had to place one there for her. It is a little spooky going down the road to the cemetery, but there is a cemetery there.
From south-bound I-49, turn right at the sign for the Brooklyn Cemetery. Go about 0.4 miles, then turn left at another sign for the cemetery, onto Brooks Road. Go about 0.2 miles and turn right at another cemetery sign. The next 0.4 miles will include a gate and wood fence on the right, a sharp left curve, and a sharp right curve. Turn left near the water tower and continue for another 0.2 miles to the cemetery. The box is near the first (west) corner of the fence, between the first pine tree and the bush next to it, outside the cemetery fence.