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MSS Waterfowl - Wood Duck LbNA #29295

Owner:jb kokopelli Contact
Plant date:Mar 12, 2007
Found by: Desert Flower
Last found: Jan 1, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 12, 2007
Take I-49 south toward the gulf and continue south of the town of Wiggins, MS. The turn into the hiking trail parking lot is just south of a row of large trees arching over the south-bound lanes like they would over the driveway of a plantation; the turn is also just north of Lakeview Road. If you get to the Saucier city limit sign (while going south), you missed the turn.

Park and enter the hiking trail, keeping an eye out for snakes (I was warned, but did not see any). Walk across a foot bridge and past a swampy pond on the right. Pass a medium-size tree being supported by a standing “stump” about 8’ tall on the left. Find the next big tree on the left that has a small tree next to it. The box is at the base of the larger tree on the left-back side. If you reach a short stump, you went too far. The tree you’re looking for is even with the edge of the pond. A piece of a gray-colored fallen tree on the right side of the path seems to be pointing at the desired tree.

Be sure to look for the “MS State Symbols – Bird – Mockingbird” letterbox while on the trail.