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Happy Hibernator LbNA #29117

Owner:Grumpy Grinch Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 10, 2007
Found by: blacksheep 1&2
Last found: Apr 23, 2014
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Nov 4, 2015
9 July 2007 Trail has reopened and the Happy Hibernator is ready for a visit.

Hike length: 1/4 mile roundtrip
From Payson take highway 260 east 17 miles. Turn left to the Tonto Creek Hatchery Rd. Drive 4 miles up this road and tour the hatchery. Note the bear warning signs.

Come back down the road a very short distance to the beginning of trail 143. You can park in front of the trailhead entrance. Walk south on the road to the eastern entrance to trail 31. Turn left and enter the trail as it heads towards the stream.

Go to the highland trail marker that points sharply left to the river. Behind the marker is a large boulder with a fallen tree lying across it. The bear's den is under the southeast side of the boulder beneath moveable rocks. As always, be careful reaching in and under.