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Weird Animal Names: Pumpkinseed Fish LbNA #28948

Owner:The Fat Lady Contact
Plant date:Feb 25, 2007
Found by: Azroadie
Last found: Jun 27, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 25, 2007
Hike Length: Less than 1/4 mile
Terrain: Easy
Pet and kid friendly: Yes

Also known as yellow sunfish, bream, or sun bass, the pumpkinseed fish is certainly a worthy entry to any list of Weird Animal Names. To read more about this freshwater species, go to: . Note that, at spawning time, it’s the males who make the nests; this is the Fat Lady’s idea of domestic bliss!

The fish itself, and the letterbox named after it, can be found at Bear Lake, about .7 miles north of Chattaroy, WA, on the Newport Hwy (Rte 2). The lake--in which you can also fish for trout, bass, and perch--features viewing platforms, picnic areas, a pet swimming area, and playground equipment. A paved, wheelchair-accessible trail makes a 1.4-mile loop around the wetlands.

Directions to letterbox:

From the restrooms south-ish of the lake, take the paved roadside path west-ish, past the start of the boulder line to a sign reading “Caution: Road Narrows.” Walk 43 steps at 290 degrees from the sign, to the start of a more rustic trail leading left. Walk 140 Fat Lady steps down this path, until you're even with a pine-and-stump combo about 10 steps off the path to your left. The box is under forest debris on the south side of the “V” created by the combo.

1. The logbook is very small, so use the small version (if you have one) of your personal stamp, or plan to stamp in with just a portion of your normal-sized one.
2. In winter, the park gates are closed to vehicles but not to foot traffic. During those months, you’ll have to park at the highway and walk in, adding about 1/2-mile total to your hike.
3. Although the lake trail is wheelchair-friendly, the letterbox is located on a side path that is less so. However, the box is close enough to the “good” trail that a disabled person might wait there while a generous hiking partner ran ahead and brought back the goods.