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The Mouse Hole LbNA #28862

Plant date:Feb 18, 2007
Planted by:HikesWith1Sock Contact
Found by: mustachedsquirrel
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 18, 2007
The Mouse Hole

Last year I was walking along the Riverwalk in Columbus, MS when I happened upon a mouse. It was dreadfully cold out, and the little guy looked like he was half frozen. Being an animal lover and hating to see anything in so much misery, I took off one of my gloves and I bent down and scooped him up in it. He was a cute little guy with dark eyes and big ears. He was stiff as a board from the cold, so I held him close to help warm him up really good. Pretty soon he started moving around so I loosened my grip on him to see if he was ok. That’s when the most amazing thing ever happened… He said “Thank You”!!!! Let me tell you, I was shocked…I didn’t know how to respond. After all, I’d never heard a mouse talk before. Then he said “I can tell by your expression that you’ve never met a talking mouse.” I just nodded my head since I was still at a loss for words. “Well, he said I’ve been able to talk since the day I was born, but I don’t like to tell people normally because someone would surely catch me and force me to do carnival shows or something of that nature.” I thought about what he said and then I agreed with him because he was probably right…someone would probably end up taking advantage of a poor little mouse like that. Then he said “But I can tell you’re a nice person. After all, not many people would stop and help a poor mouse who was caught out in the cold and near death. Do you think you could take me back to my home so that I can get in my warm bed and take a nice nap? I’ve spent all day looking for food and now I’m exhausted.” I told him I’d be happy to take him home, but I needed a little direction. “Well” he said “You’ll need to start at the Old River Bridge. If you’re facing the bridge so that the Robinson Road Sign is on your right you’ll see a square concrete slab on the left side of the bridge right next to the Magnolia Tree. Stand on that slab and face the opposite direction of the bridge. Now walk roughly 24 paces away from the bridge along the tree line. Be careful not to fall down the hill. You’ll see some white poles along the edge there. When you come to the second white pole (there should be some daffodils growing there if it’s not winter) look down the hill and you’ll see a concrete slab sticking out of the dirt. Right in that cubby hole that the concrete slab makes is two small slab pieces. There will probably be leaves around it as well. Take the two slabs out and that’s where I live.”
Well, I followed his directions and found his house right off. He thanked me a lot and told me that I should visit him often. So, I have, and recently he confided in me that he wouldn’t mind meeting some of my friends. So, I’m telling you this story so you can visit my famous talking mouse. Be sure to tell him HikesWith1Sock sent you.
Oh, and always be careful of any other critters that might be hiding in there too.