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Chilly Willy on Silly Mountain LbNA #28774

Owner:Cherith Contact
Plant date:Feb 12, 2007
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Nov 11, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 12, 2007
UPDATE I have been informed that the four armed saguaro that is my key landmark has fallen and is dead. I believe there is a cement bench around this area so hope this will help. as soon as it cools off a bit here I will go out and repair my clues hth thanks


Silly Mountain is located on Silly Mountain Road just north of US60. The hike can be done in 30 minutes to the top and back down again. It is a mere 2139 ft high. There is no fee, this means no restrooms or water available on site.

Getting there: Traveling east(from Mesa) on US60 exit Mountain View (it exits to the left unlike most exits on the Superstition Freeway). You will cross westbound traffic at the light. Once on Mountain View take the first right which is 32nd. Make another right on Silly Mountain will turn to a dirt road. Park on the left.

OR: Traveling west(from Florence) on US60 you can exit directly onto Silly Mountain Rd. turning right, park on the right.

Clues: Go through the gate and follow the sign directing you to the trailhead. When you come to the map follow the "Brittle Brush" trail. You will take this path around the hairpin turn and just before you get to the Old Mine trail you will see a large saguaro with four arms with a ironwood tree near it on the right side of the trail.(Just BEFORE the resting bench) Stop on the trail a few feet beyond the saguaro and ironwood tree and turn to your right. To the left you will see a line-up of three saguaros all of different heights the one in the center being the shortest. The four armed saguaro and ironwood tree will be to your right. Locate a creosote bush that is about 5 foot tall about 20 steps from the trail, up a slight incline. Chilly Willy is on the east side of the creosote under a redish, trangular, shaped rock. This is a highly used trail, please be descreet. If you desire continue on up to the top it is worth it.

Remember to use caution, little dangerous critters could be sharing there home with Chilly Willy. Also be responsible during summer months and use desert hiking guidelines such as extra water, hat, sun screen ect.