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All Aboard! Ohio LbNA #28695 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Feb 8, 2007
Planted by:gaia girl Contact Inactive
Found by: Gingko Leaves
Last found:May 30, 2009
Last edited:Feb 8, 2007
This box is found on the Kokosing Gap Trail near the Gambier parking area. This parking area has a bathroom and drinking fountain. There is also a train!

Stand on the trail facing the train. Turn 90 degrees to the right and head down the trail to the next bench on the left of the trail. Directly behind and to the left of the bench is a large multi-trunked tree. The box is at the left side of the base of the tree near a stump.

In the summer this is a heavily travelled trail so please be as discrete as possible when searching for the box. While in Gambier also check out Book Worm!

This box was placed in the winter. It turns out that in the summer the area where the box is hidden is covered in poison ivy!

The trail parking area doesn't have an address but it is close to the intersection of College Park Drive and S. Ackland St. in Gambier. From Rt. 227 take Duff Street to the parking area.

New stamp on 2/17/2008!