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The Flying Boat LbNA #28672

Owner:"X" Marks the Spot Contact
Plant date:Feb 1, 2007
Found by: Nitecheck
Last found: Mar 1, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 1, 2007
The Flying Boat letterbox can be found a small park in downtown Elizabeth City, NC that pays tribute to the origination of the Moth Boat. Surprisingly, it does not seem to get much foot traffic except during E-City waterside events, mostly held in the summer. Even so, the “X” Marks the Spot letterbox makers elected to use a rudimentary lock and key system to prevent discovery of this hidden treasure from curious eyes. You must find the lock and key to access the box.

The park is located at the water’s edge on Main Street. The nearest crossroads are Water and Main streets, located a block north of the Elizabeth City marina and park.

New stamp on 4/12/2007.

Here’s the riddle to find the lock and the key:
What you seek are the heads of a copper nail,
A small “X” marks the spot at two places on the rail.
A key, an inch by an inch, is located just below a sign,
That’s tells the visitor of the park’s closing time.
It’s stuck in the post, just give it a little pull,
It ain’t fancy and the point is actually quite dull.
Follow the rail around, eyes on the face of the top board,
A matching “X” marks the spot where the letterbox is stored.
A few inches below the mark, key in the hole, now press,
Look on the backside, the head’s lock is no longer recessed.
Pull the pin, the end of the box is now free,
A little tight, give a tug and it’ll open, you’ll see.
Enjoy the view, the stamp, and please close it up tight,
Set the lock deep and put the key back in the post on the right.