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Fish Bubbles LbNA #28486

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Jan 27, 2007
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Jun 11, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 27, 2007
Begin your quest on Hwy 55 (exit 111 from I-24 in Manchester), heading west towards Tullahoma. At the outskirts of town, take a right at the sign for the cola in a red and blue can. Follow this short road to the end, take a left at the T, then take the next right through a 120 degree turn.

Follow this road until it ends, then take a right. If you have proceeded correctly, you should see an enormous structure (the largest one East of the Mississippi) with a sign on it for the place you are about to enter (hint - check the name of the road). Park in the lot to the right.

Proceed across the street (on foot), and take the main path (not the return). Start counting steps, and at 166 steps, follow the path the color of the lady that hangs around with the 7 dwarfs (staying on this path the entire time). Continue past the sign at 0.3 miles. Continue past the sign for the color of the boy that blows his horn. Continue 60 steps past the sign for the connecter that is the color of the little girl's riding hood that visited her grandmother.

About 6 feet off the path on the right side is a hole left by the roots of a tree that has fallen down. The box is in this hole.