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Goodyear Letterbox LbNA #28387

Owner:CW Sun Seeker Contact
Plant date:Dec 28, 2006
Found by: Mr. Fluffers and friends
Last found: Sep 11, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 28, 2006
This box is located at Estrella Regional Park near Goodyear. There is a fee to enter the park. This level dirt trail dog friendly. The box is almost a drive-by.

The town Goodyear of today exists because of the cotton of yesteryear. It was part of the 16,000 acres purchased in 1917 for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company by junior executive Paul Litchfield. Cotton used to make rubber tires for airplanes in World War I was in short supply because foreign sources were in war torn countries or disease ridden.

When Goodyear found that Arizona’s climate and soil was similar to foreign sources, the company sent Litchfield to purchase land. The small community that formed as a result of the Goodyear Farms cotton industry first became known as “Egypt” for the Egyptian cotton grown there and then, finally, was called “Goodyear.”

The community thrived as long as the cotton industry was strong. But after the war, cotton prices plummeted and Goodyear’s economy suffered.

However, World War II brought a recovery in the early 1940’s when the Litchfield Naval Air Facility and the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation located here, employing as many as 7,500 people at one time. Dirigibles or “blimps” were built at the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation

After the war, the Naval Air Facility served as a storage base for thousands of World War II aircraft that were moth balled and salvaged. Then, in 1968, the Navy sold the airfield to the City of Phoenix which named it the Phoenix-Litchfield Airport. In 1986, it was renamed the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport.

DIRECTIONS: From I-10 take exit 126 – Estrella Parkway and head south. At the “T” in the road, go east on Vineyard. You’ll pass the Estrella Mountain Golf Course, then right on Casey Abbott N. Follow this road on past the ball field and Ramadas, and go on to the Rodeo Arena on 143rd Dr. This will take you to a dead end at the Arena. Go to the left in the parking area, to the sign for Rainbow Valley East, and Cold Water Trail Head, and park here.

CLUES: Follow this trail a short distance to the rocky dry wash and go 65 steps more on the trail. Watch to the right for a Saguaro in the arms of a Palo Verde Tree, which is 40 steps from the trail. The box is between the bases, at the Saguaro. Please be discreet, as you can be seen from the trail and the parking area. Rehide it well.