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Baby Maple LbNA #28304

Plant date:Jan 7, 2007
Planted by:BoxerLover Contact
Found by: Columbus 7
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 7, 2007
In honor of the birth of Baby Maple, this box was planted by BoxerLover, Opa and Oma. We love you little guy!

Jacksonville is cradled against the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains. You can visit historic places, visit award winning wineries, eat wonderful food and walk miles of trails with lush landscapes and stuning scenery. Along these trails you will find the Baby Maple Letterbox.


From I-5 take the Jacksonville exit and follow signs to town. Jacksonville is located just a few miles west of Medford.

When coming into town, although you're on California, Oregon will make you "Pine" for a ONE WAY stand on 1st and Fir. Park here.

Make your way toward the "BOX" office and stop for a quick picture with Peter.

Don't pitch your tent before descending stairs.

Sarah says "keep your dog on a leash, but feel free to make a dollar donation to enjoy Zigler's folly.

Along the way feel free to load your bucket at #20 and steam ahead.

No need to be a mountain goat, but check your "loose bridges" before crossing.

Refrain from saying hello to Mary Ann, but if you're hungry, use "Jackson's fork."

Don't be afraid to turn 30. It's all uphill from here, so just hug the trees until your benched by Madrone.

Look for Jane to lead the way.

No turning back or alternates at the crossing, but forge ahead on Rich Gulch Trail.

Stop to live a little printed history, but "mine" your manners prior to heaven's panoramic ascent.

Don't expect to find Twain or Sawyer, for the box is near Mark, Michael, Tom and Victoria.

From this place go 25 paces to Santa's Christmas tree.

Then head right 25 paces, but don't fall in the hole on your left.

Beneath the forked Madrone, "LOG" the Baby Maple you seek.

Sit on the bench for a breather, then look east because that's where the real Baby Maple sleeps.

Retrace your steps from where you came, but at the fork turn to Oregon Street picking up Bernard and Francois along the away.

Follow the "ass fault" downhill back to the beginning.

Please recover box well and let me know if anything is amiss. Enjoy!!!