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Trilliam Letterbox LbNA #28298

Owner:TimTheTurtle Contact
Plant date:Jan 14, 2007
Found by: Aja
Last found: Jun 27, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 16, 2015
Begin your quest on Hwy 55 (exit 111 from I-24 in Manchester), heading west towards Tullahoma, a City as Unique as its name. At the outskirts of town, take a right at the sign for the cola in a red and blue can. Follow this short road to the end, take a left at the T, then take the next right through a 120 degree turn. The first name in this road should be familar to fans of Johnny's wife.

Follow this road around deadman's curve (seriously, drive cautiously here - those arrow signs are only a few months old), over the river and through the woods until it ends, then take a right. If you have proceeded correctly, you should see an enormous structure (the largest one East of the Mississippi) with a sign on it for the place you are about to enter (hint - check the name of the road). Park in the lot to the right.

Proceed across the street (on foot), and take the main path (not the return). Start couting steps, and at 166 steps, follow the path the color of Hello Kitty. Continue past the sign at 0.3 miles, and after another 160 steps, you'll have another choice. This time, follow the path the color of a dog who likes clues.

If you've chosen right, you'll pass a tree with blazes the color of HeathCliff, and a rock of the same color. Continue on, stopping to overlook the waterfalls on the way. You will also pass a set of steps which lead down to the water(worth the side trip, but be careful on the rocks and around the water).

Continue until the trail takes a sharp left. At the point you will see a house of sturdy foundation, but of dubious shelter. "Enter" the house by the stairs, turn left, and proceed to the front corner (facing the creek). A large 4-trunked tree is 20 feet in front of you. The box lies just to its right, covered with leaves and a cinderblock. To get back to your car, continue along the trail you're on to complete the loop.

This hike is about a mile long with some moderately steep and narrow trails, but not too bad. Please stay on the trail and pack out what you bring in (and maybe an extra bottle or can you find along the way).