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Step Up to the Plate LbNA #28128

Owner:galaxy4 Contact
Plant date:Jan 6, 2007
Found by: Inveterate Learner
Last found:Nov 28, 2007
Last edited:Jan 6, 2007
We've been enjoying finding letterboxes for a few months now, so we thought it was time we "stepped up to the plate" and planted one.

Follow Stadium Trace Parkway toward the Hoover Met (home of the Birmingham Barons!) Pass the stadium, and follow the signs to RV parking. You will turn left on Mineral Trace and left again on Feldspar Way (continuing to follow the RV parking signs) In the parking lot, bear right around curve until you see the white and blue Cahaba Met Hiking Trail sign.

The beginning of the trail is somewhat vague, so follow the rock path to the left from the sign. The beginning of the trail is a little steep, but it is well maintained and is a smooth walk.

When the trail splits, take the left fork. The trail will merge again soon, but the right fork is not the official trail (follow the rocks). When you cross the second bridge, stop and enjoy the sound of the little creek.

Continue to follow the trail across an access road. Soon after you cross the access road, you will see an outcropping of rock on the left. In front of this line of rock, is a bench. 35 steps past the bench look to the left. You should see a 4 ft tall rotten tree stump approximately 15 feet off the path that has fencing grown into it. The box is inside the stump covered with leaves.

The path continues on for another 1/4 mile or so, but does dead end, so you'll be going back the way you came. The trail dead ends into a field that has LOTs of poison ivy growing in it - so when the trail stops - you should too!!

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