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In Memory of President Gerald Ford LbNA #27914

Owner:Wood-aug Contact
Plant date:Dec 30, 2006
Found by: katielu
Last found: Oct 22, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 30, 2006
Placed by: Wood-aug
Placement Date: December 30, 2006
State: CA
County: Riverside
Nearest City: Mecca
Number of Boxes: 1


Terrain: loose rock, good shoes or boots are a must, climbing ladders in awkward places is a must, DO NOT ATTEMPT IF RAIN IS A POSSIBILITY DUE TO FLASH FLOODS IN THE SLOT CANYON.
Distance of walk: 3.1 mi rt
Elevation: 300’ total
Wheel chair friendly: no
Pen colors: Black, Blue, Red.

While returning home from Christmas in Mea, AZ, President Gerald Ford died. As his funeral procession was making its way to the airport to be flown to Washington DC, this stamp was carved. This box is in memory of our 38th Presidents service to this country. He was the only person to have served vice president and president with out being elected. He only wanted to be Speaker of the House.

Getting you close:
East bound I-10 exit on Highway 86S continue until 66th and take a left. Work your way around the railroad tracks by going left then cross and go right continuing on 66th. Continue until you cross the Coachella Canal, looking for Painted Canyon Rd to the left with. Take this to its end and park.

The Box:
Hike up the right most canyon about a half mile looking for the steel post. Opposite this post is a rock fall that you climb up to enter the narrow slot canyon. Go ¼ mile past the 3rd ladder taking the canyon to the west. Locate the Palo Verde tree continuing 25 yds past. Look for a crack in the right hand canyon wall that appears to run parallel to the trail. At about 3 ft above the floor look for the box in a vertical crack. Watch for other hikers they will appear quickly. Take the box back to the tree to stamp in.

Please re-hide well, position the same rock to cover the box.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box. We would appreciate an update on the boxes condition. Thank you.