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The Dutch Connection LbNA #27684

Owner:Norasta Contact
Plant date:Dec 7, 2006
Found by: Shiloh
Last found:Jan 19, 2007
Last edited:Dec 7, 2006
I couldn't resist visiting this state park near Mena and the OK border as I was born in Holland. Enjoy a nice meal at the lovely lodge (or spend a night or 2). From the front entrance of the lodge head for LoversLeap trail. After the last wooden step turn LEFT. From the last step it is about 318 foot steps or 4 leisurely minutes to the hiding spot. To the left of the trail you will note 2 diamond shaped boulders (2-3 feet in size), one smooth and a smaller one with lumps on top. The smooth one is at the base of a long fallen trunk. The trunk is almost perfectly north - south in orientation. The box is in the trunk near the smooth boulder. I will be posting some pics of the hiding spot on the AQ listing. However it shouldn't be hard to find without the photos. This box is an orphan so please take some baggies and paper towel to do maintenance as needed. And of course please send updates! Thanks, Norasta
Sept 3 2007 - box has been found by LBNAer's. They note:
"Just to let you know we found your box yesterday. It is in good shape. It took awhile to find it because we started at the opposite end of the trail. It might be helpful to emphasize that you don't enter the trail at the Lovers Leap sign but at the train loading area."
I started from the front entrance fo the lodge not the train loading area, but you may want to keep the above message in mind if you have trouble. .... Thx Norasta