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Mostly Monkeys LbNA #27606

Plant date:Dec 4, 2006
County:San Diego
Planted by:bonedoc Contact Inactive
Found by: AntHilarie
Last found:Apr 8, 2022
Last edited:Nov 8, 2015
Please drop me a line before you find this box. I think it is in need of a new log book so it may need a new one.

This stamp was created from the petroglyph artwork of monkeys that can be found carved into the rocks in parts of Peru. Peru is where my interest in monkeys heigthened and what led to my recent trip to visit the Mostly Monkeys Sanctuary in San Diego.

This is a drive by. No elevation gain, no hiking boots required. I planted this in the dark, very quickly, as I rushed to make my return flight out of San Diego.

Clues (don't fear...they are easy):
From the direction of the San Diego airport:

Take Hwy _ _ (count out the amount of letters in the first and then the second words of my title).

Now you will need to use the website: to figure out the rest.

From that Hwy, you will...
a. Make a right turn onto the mystery street if Eve has a skin disorder or
b. make a left turn if Eve has a bone disease

The name of the mystery street that you turn onto is:
a. Mt. Woodson St. if Saphire hates physical attention and bites people that try
b. Archie Moore Road if Erin and Bobby Joe are one of the largest monkey species
c. Air Mail Lane if Cecil used to play video games
d. Highland Valley Rd. if Papa Bear loves to bask in the sunshine all day

Once on this street, you will soon:
a. park on the right side right after the mail boxes on the street if Crew hates to hang upside down because he gets dizzy..or
b. park on the right side before the mailboxes if Mogli is the "ladies man" at the sanctuary

Look for a:
a. Tree that leans to the left, over a large boulder if the founder of Mostly Monkeys is Suzy Carey...or
b. Three large trees grouped together around a small boulder if Mostly Monkeys was founded in 1992

Your monkey stamp is behind this boulder and under 2 smaller slab rocks. Please seal all plastic bags as you found them and then email me to let me know you found it. Thanks!