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The Bird Box LbNA #27449

Owner:Lost but Hopeful Contact
Plant date:Nov 25, 2006
Found by: Blue Fairy & Saint G
Last found: May 7, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 12, 2020
This box is hidden in Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.
You can approach the box from 2 different directions, depending on the length of hike you would like to take.

We just refurbished found this box 11/24/20

Park in the Wildlife Loop parking lot and follow the wildlife loop conterclockwise for a medium hike, clockwise for a long hike- until you reach the entrance to the Black Duck Trail follow away from the wildlife loop
Still there with much appreciated care form other members 11/24/16!
Park on Beach Road at the Black Duck Trail. Walk towards the woods and the Wildlife Loop.

Along this path you will see a bench dedicated to someone who died at age 24.
40 to 50 paces to the left as you look at the bench is a pine needle path into the woods, follow this path for a lot of paces, over 2 smaller fallen logs and one very large fallen log, if you are 5 ft 10, it should be 142 paces, our 11 year old found it 166 paces, our 9 year old took 189 paces.
You should now see a bird box with the number 108 on it- the rangers told me this is a wood duck box and they nest in march and april, so please be especially respectful of the box during these months.
The wood ducks in side the box have an excellent view out their window of a large pine tree in front & to the left. Look behind tree for letterbox hidden under pine needles and & sticks.