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Tyler Bend LbNA #27343 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Oct 1, 2006
Planted by:Yogi
Found by: Team Steam
Last found:Mar 28, 2007
Last edited:Oct 1, 2006
This is a 1.4 mile letterbox hike that begins at the Collier Cabin trailhead. You must check in at the Rangers Station to let them know that you are seeking a letterbox. The Rangers station is closed during certain parts of the year so calling them in advance is advised. Enjoy your hike.

Choice number one: Start your hike at the Collier Cabin trailhead and when you end your hike you will have to either turn around and go back whence you came or…Travel up the blacktop, where your car you did stop.

Choice number two: Leave your car at the Visitor center and walk up to the Collier Cabin trailhead via the blacktop to start the hike and end up at the Visitor center where you will stop.

Special request: Look for a plant that has rarely been seen and help the Rangers know where it can be seen. Hang out at the Visitor center just a little bit more and check out what you will be looking for.

BEGIN your hike where the past meets the present
Along the hike you’ll find the letterbox and what’s in it.

Look for the sweet treats along the way
They aren’t for you so let’s leave it that way.

Look all around and you will see
Fallen casings from a bean tree.

Just up ahead a sign it does read:
Return trail/Visitor Center 1.3
Don’t go back!
Under the big shade tree
Is where you should be.

Up the front step and if you’re 5 feet or more
Duck! When you go through the front door!

Into one room and then to another
Start with the warm one where the fire burned bright
Later a wood stove they did light.

Now into the next where a birdie did nest
Keep going inside to see all the rest

Look out the window and then exit with care
Go out and around the wood fence that is there

AT the end of the fence turn to your right
Now another old building should be in your sights.

Walk right on by – look inside
But the letter box you’ll not find.

Across from the “prickly” a seat you will find
It’s a good place to rest your behind.

At the sawn down tree, it’s a good place to look,
Did you find the letterbox stamp and book?

If not - continue on the trail till you come to a sign
Please heed this warning and you’ll do just fine.

Hang a left towards the place where you’ll see
An “old west” beast of a river there’ll be.

Down a deep grade to the old snake tree
And listen real carefully
Did you hear the roar of the beast?

This is not a good place to stop.

Keep going and behind you a sign:
River View Trail
River Overlook .1
Collier Homestead .5
Return trail
Visitor center

You need to be heading to where there’s always a welcome
It’s also a place where you can feed your brain some.

Go on ahead to where a bench was once there
Go see a tall Spanish man with a head full of hair
He’s standing real tall, right straight ahead
See his nose at the bottom and the hair on his head?

Back on the trail single file if you please
And onto the bridges of trees

Under the arch of the woods
The travelers they stood
Then every so carefully and up the rock stairs
The travelers they walked with great care.

Just for fun look up and you’ll see – an albino tree!

Warning! Heads up! Trail up! Don’t get hung up
By things that hang low
Easy does it, down the trail we go.

Right after the warning and on the left
A peek a boo tree
You should see.

If you find yourself at prickly hill
And no letter box still?
Keep on looking or maybe not!
Should you or shouldn’t you stop?

Watch for things that might trip you up
Don’t roll down the cliff it could mess you up!

On your left look behind the cane pole
Then look in the hole
Did we trick you once more?

If not - a letterbox you still seek so forge straight ahead
On the right where a snake wraps around till your dead.

Across from that is where the Panda bears feed
Stop and take a drink now if you feel the need.


You aren’t Tarzan, so no swinging from vines
Using the bridge and the steps will do fine.

Do you see any Panda’s off to the left?
Have you found the letterbox yet?

Just on your left a twisted eight tree
Or maybe another peek a boo tree
You decide – go ahead peek your head inside!

On the right are three sisters and their mother close by
Don’t mess with those three ladies! Just walk on by.

Now on the right and way down low
Three small holes
Look underneath
Isn’t this neat?

Is it a fort on the right or just a pile of rocks?
Because now you’re back where you parked.

You are at the end of the trail
No letterbox yet?
Maybe the Ranger will tell
Or are you all set?

To report a missing letterbox, ask questions or for any other comments please contact me at: