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First aid neededEnd of Road LbNA #27245

Owner:HLRG Girlguides Contact
Plant date:Nov 16, 2006
Planted by:scout leader jane Contact
Found by: Southpaw/Jynx
Last found: Apr 19, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 16, 2006
Update as of July 2012
This box was originally planted by Scout Leader Jane and has now been adopted by the Historic Letterbox Restoration Group, Girlguides division.

The original stamp is now gone, but we have carved one that retains the essence of the original. So if you have found the first one, you can come back and get the second.

Here are the updated clues:

The box is actually just over the Virginia Line but unless you have a Back Bay Wildlife Refuge Pass you will not be able to get to the box from Virginia.

You will need 4 Wheel Drive or have experience driving in soft sand.

Take Hwy 12, North --through Southern Shores, Duck, and Corolla-- as far as you can drive on the hard surface. With 4WD in use drive onto and turn left on the beach. Drive along the beach to the Virginia State Line, about 10 -12 miles. You will definitely recognize the state line when you reach it. Park.

Walk along the fence towards the west. When you come to the gate for authorized vehicles, there is a latch to open. Go through the gate and shut it behind you. To the left you will see several telephone poles embedded in the sand. There is also one on its side in the sand. There you will find your treasure. Enjoy!