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Sneaky Raven (active 7/1/11) LbNA #26683

Owner:Arctic Tern Contact
Plant date:Oct 20, 2006
County:Kenai Peninsula
Found by: deniserows
Last found:Sep 17, 2007
Last edited:Oct 20, 2006
There is a sneaky raven at Hidden Lake camp ground. He is not in a tree he is under it. Enjoy the view of the lake from the boat dock then turn and start your search by climbing the rock wall. From the flat top take a moment to enjoy the view (even if you had to climb up by an easier more round about route like up to the left through camp site #8.) Then look towards the north for a bit of trail. Descend about eight feet to find some trees at the base of the rock, infront of a spruce, a large flat rock marks the raven's hiding spot. If I can lift the rock you can.

Hidden Lake Campground is located 3 1/2 miles from the mile 58 end of the Skilak Lake Road(Loop). This is a 20 mile dirt road but well worth the trip for the many great hiking, fishing, and camping spots along it as well as it is a great place to spot wild life.

This box will be collected for the winter in early October.