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Crossroads LbNA #26494

Plant date:Oct 17, 2006
County:San Mateo
Planted by:L4 Contact
Found by: Gremlands
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 17, 2006
The location can be found where Black Mountain Rd. meets Hayne Rd. @ the 900 block (hint: BM crosses Hayne more than once!). Crossroads Park is a small gem that replaces the rough site of an old, abandoned water tank. Just one of many Hillsborough Beautification Foundation projects, it is a place where neighbors and friends can meet to relax and converse. Oh yeah, and dogs are encouraged to come along - there is a "pet baggy box" and a nice drinking fountain for both man and beast.

Enter the park from the location nearest the corner of Black Mountain and Hayne. Grab some baggies on your left for Old Yeller. Pause at the fountain on your right for a quick hooch of H20. You may enjoy reading the many plaques which commemorate loved ones. Enter the center of the park, and wander counter-clockwise around the path. Stop at the bench that lovingly remembers Lois and Harold Jackson. Stand at the center of the bench, and back up to the inner circle. Gaze up the hill over the Jackson bench, and you will spot a wooden staircase. Go to it. Please be careful not to injur the planted areas as you make your way to the stairs. Pace 12 medium steps to the right of the stairs, between the 2nd and 3rd black steel posts, and you will find a horizontal plank missing from the base of the fence. There is cinder brick rubble exposed here. Gently remove a few choice bricks near the middle, and you will discover the Crossroads Letter Box!

Please enjoy, and replace it carefully.