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Pickett Pocket LbNA #26078

Owner:SharyBerry Contact
Plant date:Oct 3, 2006
Found by: drift0fft0dream
Last found: Nov 27, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 3, 2006
Go to the Family Group Shelter entrance of Pickett's Mill Battlefield. It's not on Mt. Tabor Church Road like the park entrance. You will find it on Hwy. 92 between Old. Burnt Hickory Road and Due West Road. The address is 6789 Hiram Acworth Road
Dallas, GA 30157.
Once there, park in the gravel parking spot just off the road. You don't have to go through the gate.
When parked, stand facing the historical monument. Look to your left and find the light pole. To the right of the light pole is a sawed off pole about 2 feet high. The letterbox can be found BEHIND the pole in a hollow log.
Your best bet is to approach it from behind, under cover of the trees to disguise yourself somewhat.
Have fun!