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Lyman Lake Letterbox LbNA #26072 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Oct 3, 2006
Planted by:JamFam8
Found by: JamFam8
Last found:Nov 23, 2007
Last edited:Oct 3, 2006
This letterbox is located within Lyman Lake State Park. There is a $5.00 (per vehicle) fee to enter the park. A ½ mile, round-trip hike is necessary to access the letterbox location.

Lyman Lake is located between Eagar/Springerville and St. Johns, in Northeastern Arizona. From Highway 180/191, turn east onto the main entrance road to Lyman Lake State Park. After paying the fee at the visitor’s center, turn right (south) at the visitor center stop sign. The road will quickly fork. Take the “Beach Camping” turn (left) and turn left again to the Petroglyph trail. Park at the trail head.

This is a loop trail which winds around a peninsula on the western shore of Lyman Lake. Begin your ascension by walking clockwise around the peninsula. In a few minutes, you’ll come to a petroglyph trail marker on your left. Continue on the main trail. When the trail flattens out, there will be a three-way fork. Take the middle path. The trail will fork again. Stay to the right this time.

The trail will proceed slightly uphill to a hollow rock or tunnel. You may pass thru the tunnel rock or walk around it. Continue on the trail. Approximately 30 paces from the exit of tunnel rock is another large (15 foot high) boulder on the left hand side of the trail. Behind the boulder is a lone juniper tree. The letterbox is hidden underneath the juniper tree. Look under a small pile of rocks.

Happy hunting, and please beware of snakes.

Lyman Lake State Park offers a variety of activities including a boating tour to a petroglyph park on the eastern portion of the lake (weekends during the summer), camping, fishing, boating, Indian ruin viewing, etc.