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In The Hollow LbNA #25584

Owner:look for more trains Contact
Plant date:Sep 14, 2006
City:San Mateo
County:San Mateo
Found by: Happy Acorn Girl
Last found: Oct 15, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 15, 2015
Get on to 101 and get off on the San Mateo 3rd avenue exit. Head West until you see the new San Mateo library ( a block past El Camino.) Park at the new San Mateo Public Library.

Take a moment to check out all of 3rd avenue.. lots of great places to eat and fun little shops!

Continue past the library (away from El Camino and towards the residential area.)

Make the first RIGHT you come to and cross the street.. continue going this direction and cross another street.

Make another RIGHT and walk about 15 feet until you see a dirt trail on your LEFT. Walk down this trail and it will lead you to a small creek with 5 cement blocks and a bench.

Arrange yourself so you're facing the street you just came from and are standing behind the cement block furthest to the right. Look at about 1 or 2 o'clock. See the tree with another tree stump attached to it?

Walk up through the ivy and find your box in the hollow of the stump.

***Warning*** when i planted this box I didn't see any spiders, but I did see some spider webs near the stump. You'll have to reach down a foot or so, so you might want to bring a glove.

*EDIT 6/17/2010* There is a hole at the base of the stump now so you can just reach in from there which makes it much easier. Also, thanks to everyone who has visited this LB! Since it ran out of paper I placed a small notebook inside to be stamped a few months back.