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Salmon Run LbNA #25466

Owner:DootKat Contact
Plant date:Sep 10, 2006
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 10, 2006

From Wasilla, take Knik-Goosebay road south. Turn left on Fairview Loop Road, just before the Tesoro gas station. Take Fairview until it makes a 90 degree left turn, at this point you continue straight ahead on Hayfield Road. Drive 1.3 miles and turn left at "Public Access" "Palmer Hayflats" signs (the signs are on the right, just beyond Lucy Lake road). Follow this bumpy dirt road all the way to the end, park in the lot at the bottom of the bluff.


Walk back up the road and at the top of the hill continue straight on a dirt path. Follow the path along the top of the bluff, past the viewing platform. Continue on this trail, keeping the bluff just to your right. About the time you hear the creek, the trail will start dropping down a hill. Follow it down and to the left to a clearing.

Upon entering the clearing, turn right, walk down the trail, crossing the small stream near the derelict remains of a blue school bus on your left. Continue down hill on this trail a short distance to Cottonwood Creek. If it is the right time of year, look for the salmon!

Walk to the edge of the creek and turn around. Look for the small trail running downstream on your left. Follow this trail, keeping the creek on your left (this trail is much smaller and somewhat dicey, so proceed with caution).

Cross back over the small stream where it joins the creek, and continue downstream. In approximately 300 feet you will come to a hollow log that bridges the creek - don't cross. Instead, turn and look uphill behind you. Spot two large cottonwood trees about 30 feet up the slope. Behind the larger tree, on the uphill side, under bark, lies "Salmon Run". It might be easier to continue downstream a short ways and then cut back up to the tree.

Please rehide carefully.

**If you are returning one of the salmon hitchhikers to this box, please be sure to email us. If you find a salmon hitchhiker in this box, please leave it here and contact us.

Thanks - have fun boxing!
DootKat and CB